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09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

Kim&#39;s <b>Balik Pulau</b> Laksa | Qyzzy

Posted: 23 Jun 2009 12:00 AM PDT

This laksa stall in Balik Pulau has a lot of history behind it. Originally ran by a sweet old lady named Khoo who also supplied the rice noodles and laksa gravy to other stalls in town. She started selling laksa at her house No. 100 Jalan Besar (just a few shoplots down the down from the current location). Her house is now a Balik Pulau heritage house was built by Kapitan Cina Chee who is the great great grandfather of Madam Khoo.

Then Madam Khoo's friend and neighbour, Mrs Ewe gradually learnt the art of laksa making from Madam Khoo. Mrs Ewe together with her husband Ewe Chooi Guan in 1970s eventually decided to set-up their own laksa business in its current location where they served Assam Laksa and Siamese Laksa for 30 years until they retired in 2004 and their business is taken over by its current owners brother and sister pair of John and Anne Martin.

While the Laksa Assam is an original creation of Madam Khoo, the Laksa Lemak (Siamese) is an original creation of Mrs Ewe. Yes! Both laksa variants originated from Balik Pulau.

I had the Laksa Lemak because it is my favourite. I really enjoyed the laksa. I find the taste less sweet than other laksa dishes. The sardine fish pieces are chunky and its flesh is sweet. The portion is just nice. I also sampled the assam laksa soup from my wife dish and I also find it less sweet but aromatic. I remembered Mrs Ewe's original laksa was better but every time I had John & Anne's it seemed to get better.

Balik Pulau is also famed for its Nutmeg juice along with its durian fruits. I ordered the freshly squeezed white nugmeg juice with sour plum. Heavenly!!

I definitely recommend any travellers to Balik Pulau as a must try to this laksa together with the white nutmeg juice.

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