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09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 17 Jun 2011 02:37 AM PDT

Tis the season for durians..

If you are in Penang and love durians, you are at a sweet spot! Everyone knows Balik Pulau is famous for its durians but going there to the orchards could be quite an effort. The great news is the durians are now coming to you in the form of a durian promotion which will be held at the New World Park on Burmah Road from noon to 8pm daily from today until the July 31.

Durian varieties available include the famed Mao Shan Wang (King of Civet Cats) as well as Ang Sim (red heart), Khun Poh, Ang Heh (Red Prawn) and D24. Mangosteens and rambutans will also be sold alongside the durians.

Tip from a durian farmer: "Good durians can be smelt from a distance instead of having to sniff up close, and are lighter compared to durians yet to fully ripen.

"You also find the thorns less hard when you brush it against the palm of your hand."

Source: The Star..Easier now to savour Balik Pulau durians

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