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09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

durian <b>balik pulau</b>

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 07:57 AM PDT

I'm so glad that I finally found durian farm serving good Red Prawn (or Ang Her, 红虾) with reasonable price. Was accompanying someone from United States for a durian feast at a farm recommended by colleague and discover the gems. Turning right at the T-junction of Jalan Balik Pulau if you are driving from Bayan Lepas, go straight and turn left after the row of shop to access the improperly cemented road that leads you into the greenery of plantation or farm. Not really remember the way but heya, we all have GPS in any sorts of devices I assume:) Key in the GPS coordinate below and try the rocky drive hopefully you would be able to discover the secret place. Check out for the shelter and simple building within the bushes with barking dog, you will also see the house behind.

It is not the best of the best durian farm that i have ever tested if I remember, but it's defintely one of the best. Sincere guy (I guess?), good explanation on durian species, reasonable price is what I can say about the owner of this place. We have tried different species or brand as usual, but can't really remember all those. Pardon my ignorance, guess I was too absorbing into the heavenly smell of those flesh. As far as I know, LingFengJiao, Green Skin are those that we have tried. One joke that we heard is that someone was asking for Khor Tsu Koon brand, the seedless b#@st@%d. Translate to Hokkien, and you will know what I mean:) First time I heard this and never thought it does exist. Last but not least, here we savour the final king of durians, Red Prawn. It is an education feast with the owner explained on the difference between the good Red Prawn and so-called "yellow" prawn. It's important to check out branded durian from trusted farm so that you can get the good one. Yellow Prawns are those that really sucks and comes from young tree. Red Prawn sourced from those old trees with more than 30 years old tastes excellent. Some can grow exceeding 50 years. Reddish color of the flesh will reveal the truth and try it out, you will just never forget the taste! Recently I read the news that "Musang King" winning best of the best awards in 5 years cycle with Lobster brand winning the second. The fame has really got that far, exceeding Red Prawn. I will definitely try to get one of this, regardless of the RM70 per biji price. Phew!

Here are the only 2 shots from my iPhone, playing around with shadows and light, using the free 美图秀秀apps to do editing. Left pic created with Lomo-歌特风effect with the right one using Lomo-HDR. Enjoy.

GPS: 5.358353, 100.233459

Contact: KS Wong, 0124929932

Food Rating: 5/5 (again, I'm durian lover)

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