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09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

Xiao Thung&#39;s Diary: Half A Day in <b>Balik Pulau</b>

Posted: 03 Jul 2011 07:33 AM PDT

It's durian season and mommy's friend is organized a half day trip to a private estate for durians! They love durian, some how papa & I do not like it :p

A big group of us, take a group photo as memory before we headed to the beach.

I was complaining to mommy as I think they stayed too long at the durian area.

I want to go to beach at soonest especially it was cloudy on that morning.

Finally, we were there -- Pantai Pasir Panjang, Pulau Betong.

Mommy last visit to this beach was many years ago when she was in university.

This is 弟弟 first trip to the beach, however he fell asleep and didn't have chance to play with me on the beach.

I like beach as I can play with sands, build sand castle.

However, the sand over here is very hard to build sand castle.

May be it's too rough and too dry.

Having fun on the beach...playing with uncles & 姐姐.

The estate owner also make durian cake and mommy used to buy from him every year.

Ah Mah only likes this durian cake. Mommy bought some back home, each cost RM7.

After beach, we planned to go for Laksa. However, mommy can't remember the location and we also can't follow the leading car. End up, some of mommy friends went to old market for Laksa, and some of them went to the desired place.

Though we missed to take Laksa there, mommy's friend is kind enough to deliver 2 Laksa to our house. Mommy still able to taste the Balik Pulau Laksa at the end.

Overall it was a great trip but 弟弟 and I were tired and we slept on the way back home.

I told mommy I want to go to the beach more frequent as my last trip was 2009, 2 years back when we visited to Damai Laut :(
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