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di negeri pulau pinang - Google Blog Search

di negeri pulau pinang - Google Blog Search

&#39;Rubbish strewn everywhere&#39; at Taman Negara <b>Pulau Pinang</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 03:20 AM PDT

Northern Malaysia Natural Heritage is a webpage featuring the natural heritage of northern Peninsular Malaysia (Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak north of Kuala Kangsar). This project, supervised by Chan Ngai Weng and Abu Talib Ahmad of Unversity Sains Malaysia was active between January to August 2010.

On 24th February 2010 they blogged about Penang National Park in the northeast of the island (gazetted 2003). In the post, they say,

"The biggest threat of the park is garbage disposal. Rubbish were strewn everywhere in the park. Most garbage was washed ashore from the tides. Attitude of local picnickers in discarding garbage without any consideration of the cleanliness of the park."

Under "Mitigation" suggestions, they include,

"Need strict enforcement [against littering] by the park authority. Need to provide more rubbish bins at strategic areas and the need to collect them according to schedules. Declaration of water bottles and food packages brought into the park."

Read their entire post which details the facilities, potential and threats of the eight beaches of Penang's young national park at the Northern Malaysia Natural Heritage blog post.

See also: Hong, C. W. & N. W. Chan, 2010. The potentials, threats and challenges in sustainable development of Penang National Park. Malaysian Journal of Environmental Management, 11(2): 95-109.

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