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09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

dharma talk penang: My active Sunday

Posted: 27 May 2012 08:39 AM PDT

As I have told you before, Saturday and Sunday is supposed to be my rest day . However, this Sunday which is today was very busy for me.

It started  of with a breakfast with my  s family and my nephew , B and my Sister C. We had a Tim Sum breakfast at Kuta Bali, Farlim and during the cversation, we happen to talk about the housing properties in Balik Pul

au. My daughter , M's boyfriend wsa from Balik Pulau. The direct translation of " balik pulau " is going back to the Island. But, the place is not an island but it is across a hill separating the town and Air Itam town from the place. It took about 15 minutes to cross the hill from Farlim, Air Itam.

Balik Pulau is very famous for its durian estates and some of the best durians come from this place. Many outstation visitors visit this place for a few delicacies ie durian, laksa and nutmeg juice.

After the Tim Sum breakfast, we decide to take a break before we go over to Balik Pulau and upon reaching my home, I was requested by my wife to shop for some household items at the nearby Sunshine hypermarket.  It was a rush for me because I was supposed to pick up my daughter, M , my nephew and my sister to go property hunting in Balik Pulau. It took me an hour to finish shopping with my wife and I have to rush to pick up all the members and to on my way to Balik Pulau.

We started off at about 11.45am and it was getting hot.  The weather in the morning was cloudy and it starts to get hot as noon approaches.  It took about 20 minutes before we reach Balik Pulau and there was a lot of cars heading for that direction as the durian season has just started.  Durian stalls were mushrooming all along the hill way to Balik Pulau.  The town was full of cars but we took the left turn heading towards a property at Pokok Upeh.

We reach a property site which have about 23 bungalows and each selling about RM1.4 million with about 6,000 to 7,000 sq ft of land. The show units was beautifully done and there was ample space in the living room and all in there are about 6 rooms. If we were to buy such landed property in E&O and the Lights or Pulau TIkus, it will cost about RM6 million. Although, Balik Pulau and Pulau Tikus have the same "Pulau" name , the price is so vastly different.  The difference is across the hill between two places. I think in a matter of time, the hill would not matter anymore if the land is getting less in the Penang town area.

Next, we visited Botanical. This is a new township located on a low hill and the place was better oganized and there is about a few hundred semi-D or terrace houses there. There is also an international school which is called the Prince of Wales International School.  It was a very beautiful building and the township is like a modern western housing sites. The area is booming and the pace of expanding the property have slowed down.  This was the first property site to launched in Balik Pulau.  The units are a little pricey , ranging between RM600,000 to RM900,000 per unit depenidng on whether it is a terrace unit or semi-D unit.  The price of these properties have increased since my last visit by about 40%.

The next site was a landed property site near the sea. It should take another 10 minutes to the seas. In this property , they provide a man-make river and the property have a mix of single stuble orey semi-Ds , double storey terrace houses, bungalows ranging between RM350,000 for a single storey terrace to RM700,000 for a double storey semi-D.  I think the place is mend to be a santuary type of living style.  It is a very big piece of development but it will take a few years to complete.

There is so many new property sites in Balik Pulau and compare to the property in the island proper , it is more affordable for many before the price of the land catches up with the Island proper.  Penang is an island so land is limited and it will stretch further and further into the island as the coast and the island proper gets more and more staturated.

After the property tour, my daughter M's BF  took us to have lunch at the new market place where we had laksa, persumbor , nutmeg juice and ice kachang. The laksa was quite good and my Sister , C loved it very much. Maybe, it is because she is hungry. LOL.

So, we rushed off back to Farlim and it was already 4pm in the afternoon.  I took a short nap and when I wake up, it is already dinner time. The rest of the day was the usual resting on the couch and watching my favorite Sunday movie. Yeah, back to normal and prepare for the next working day on Monday.


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