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di negeri pulau pinang - Google Blog Search

di negeri pulau pinang - Google Blog Search

eleven11 : Pantai Kerachu@Taman Negara <b>Pulau Pinang</b>

Posted: 13 Jun 2012 06:55 AM PDT

It was one of the weekends where my colleagues and I decided to do something different together; we went hiking at Penang National Park! It has been a long time since I last hiked. The last time I did it was Broga Hill.


However, what makes this two trips different is that I did not stay awake until 2AM and hiked in the dark.


Also, the slopes and the journey was not as difficult as compared to Broga Hill.


Another difference is that there is no bridge or water at Broga Hills. There are four peaks at Broga Hills and you are surrounded by other hills too.

P1013235Merometic Lake


Hiking at Penang National Park gives you another type of journey to reach either Monkey Beach or Kerachut Beach. We chose Kerachut Beach. Not only that, you got to see Merometic Lake as well.


Kerachut Beach is a place where turtles breed as well. Therefore, there is a Turtle Conservation Centre where you can see baby turtles under proper care, I guess.


You can hike all the way to Kerachut Beach and then take the boat back to the save point. However, remember to make a reservation of the boat which only cost you RM80 at the jetty. Else, it will cost you RM120 if you are getting the boat from the beach.


Some of my colleagues decided to hike back to the jetty while just a few of us were taking the boat back. Taking a boat back is not a cowardly action. Instead, it is another type of exciting experience. I kid you not. The bumpy rides, you must give it a try!

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