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09 di tanjung tokong - Google Blog Search

09 di tanjung tokong - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 15 Sep 2012 01:08 PM PDT

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something bout me...XT: Daorea BBQ, <b>Tanjung Tokong</b>

Posted: 15 Sep 2012 06:07 AM PDT

Korean foods is LOVE! I'd went to Daorae @ Tanjung Tokong for dinner with my bunch of girls and hubby yesterday. Nice foods can be addictive as i'd started to crave for it since last week. There are 6 of us so we can order more foods this time!!
Caren, Nana, Cherry and Woei Shyen went there straight after work while i was waiting for Jason. After survived through the friday's traffic jam, Jason and i reached there around 7.15pm. The environment of Daorae BBQ is cozy and spacious, this time we had our dinner on tradisional floor sitting table. It's a bit cold there but we felt warm when the waiter placed a pot of burning charcoal in the pit for cooking.

As usual, they served us with the refillable side dishes (ban chan) first - soup, kimchi(cabbage, cucumber), bean sprouts, anchovies and peanuts, steamed egg, salads, broccolis and octopus, sweet potatoes and green vege.

We ordered a plate of Woo-sam-kyup(beefs), 2 plate of Sam-kyub-sal(belly porks), a plate of Hangjung-sal(sliced pork jowls), a plate of Dak-gal-bi(chicken marinated in spicy chili sauce), Ddukbokki and Kimchi jjigae (served with rice).
Pork belly that i'd craved like forever!! The portion is smaller compared to Korea Palace :((( I prefer to eat it just with sauces (without lettuce), lollll!
Marinated chicken in spicy korean sauce

They serve us with korean pancake and watermelon when we about to finish the dinner. 


Happy bonding time

Each of us was given a lolipop after we finish the dinner. Posting with the lollipop for the close-up of the dinner.

The whole meal cost us around RM230++, I think Daorae is more expensive than Korea Palace as the portion of foods is smaller and tastewise, i think Korea Palace still by far the best Korean restaurant that i've eaten so far.
Anyway, it's fun to hang out with bunch of girls and i've started to miss it already XDD.
Have a great weekend and do not forget to like this posts. :D

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