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di negeri pulau pinang - Google Blog Search

di negeri pulau pinang - Google Blog Search

Bunga Manik 2: Program Anjuran Jabatan Kebajikan <b>Negeri Pulau</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 05 Nov 2012 06:46 AM PST

On 20 October 2012 (Saturday), my mom was invited for Bunga Manik training for disable people in Rainbow Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel, Penang. I don't have much photos to share with you guys here since the photos all in my "matlutfhi" cute brother. These are taken with my Ipad and my mom was so mad because we forgot to snap her pics when teaching there. Sorry mom. We are too excited watching and walking at the beach. Hahahaha.

I was back to my hometown a night before, and was too tired of jetlag but after seeing those disable people are so happy and excited learning on that crafty stuffs, I am happy too. What I can say is the hotel is nice with a beach that you can have a walk, relax and also boating. Cool hah?

By the way guys, if you wish to have a class for Bunga Manik Kristal, you can contact my mom at 012-4244403 or email me: for more details. We only open class to more than 30 persons. Do like our page too!

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