I am not a huge fan of Jawa Mee but I do have a stall that I will never hesitate to go back to. It only opens in the evening around 7.30pm and operates past midnight after 2am, perfect for those looking for supper. The stall is called Seng Jawa Mee and like many other good food in Bukit Mertajam, it is also located just next to the Pek Kong Cheng temple. If you happen to drop by my lovely home town, this is actually something worth trying.


This is also one of the very few remaining Jawa Mee stalls that stay authentic to the noodle's original recipe. Each plate comes with yellow noodle only, topped with slices of half boiled eggs, tau kua, lettuce, sambal, crushed peanuts, prawn crackers and cucur (prawn fritters). The delicious gravy has the perfect consistency too, not too watery nor too thick and I never had any problem finishing it everytime.


Among the various toppings I have to say I love the crispy prawn fritters the most, I always ask for extra. Even though they have been increasingly reducing the ingredients of the fritters (don't be surprised to find little to none prawns) they still manage to taste good and a lot better than many others, especially after soaking up the sweetish gravy.


During big Chinese festival celebrations like Hungry Ghost Festival for example, the boss' son will operate another stall along the main road, together with the other food stalls. And although both of them are basically selling the same thing, I find the son's version slightly better. Maybe because of the rarity?

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