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09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

BLOG PENANG: 09 <b>di balik pulau</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 14 Jan 2013 03:12 AM PST

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Penang and <b>Balik Pulau</b> | FOODTRAIL

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 05:26 AM PST

Unbelievable! Where has the time gone? Since returning from Penang, and my last post which was only a week ago, I hardly have the time to write my next post with time taking me to Brisbane on a work conference for 3 days. Hopefully life will return to its normality with almost half of January gone.

It seems my last trip to Penang on 23rd December 2012 was a long time ago, but it was only 3 weeks. I remember when I arrived at the Melbourne International Airport for my MAS flight to Penang via KL (Kuala Lumpur) on a Sunday mid morning, there was a large crowd of mainland Chinese (China) tourists. The proportion of the Chinese at the airport at that time outnumbered the caucasians – at the checkin counters, immigration counters and VAT counters for GST refund. I could have mistaken myself at a Chinese airport. The fact was there were a couple of departure flights to China! Melbourne has become a popular tourist and investment destination for the mainland Chinese. I can spot them from a distance.

I was glad and relieved once I made it through the immigration. Going through the airport – queuing, waiting, bag checkin, immigration, body search, X-ray scanning, hand luggage drug swipe, answering questions, flights delay – all those are quite daunting for any travellers. And, travelling during the Christmas festive season is the worse time with a busier airport. But the thoughts of arriving at my destination was worth all the travel pains that came with it.

I spent my entire Christmas and New Year almost 2 weeks break in Penang, with a trip up to Penang Hill and a country visit to Balik Pulau. I spent a fair bit of time waking up early in the morning and taking a stroll along the coast near where I stayed – the east coast of Penang island overlooking a small island, Pulau Jerejak ("Pulau" means Island). P1080574 P1080593 P1080647 P1080654 P1080666 P1080675 P1080679 P1080685 P1080696 P1080703The weather in Penang during my visit was surprisingly pleasant. Much better than I can remember – it was breezy with cool evening and morning with a mildly hot temperature in the afternoon and lower humidity than normal. Some morning were the best I can remember – an experience of a visible large full moon setting behind a distant hill, and an eagle feeding its morning catch of a small wetland monitor lizard on top of my building. P1090038 P1090040 P1090042 P1090048My partner and I revisited Balik Pulau on this trip by taking a RapidPenang bus for a fare of only Malaysian Ringgit $2.70 (less than AUD$1) from Queensbay. Bus number 401E. Balik Pulau is located on the western side of the island – probably the last remaining old township on the island that managed to escape the big developers massive commercialism and destruction. The municipal surrounding is rich in history and cultural values with vast pasture farmlands of fruit plantations, herb farms, goat farm, paddy fields and traditional Chinese and Malay  fishing villages. It is an inland township close to the west coast of the island with stunning surrounding hills, state forests and the best sunset view. I love Balik Pulau and its layback lifestyle. But, land on the island has become so scarce that before long Balik Pulau may grow and prosper into another big satellite town due to its proximity to Penang second bridge opening in the middle of this  year 2013. P1090055 P1090057 P1090062 P1090064 P1090075 P1090079 P1090081 P1090082 P1090083 P1090084 P1090090 P1090091 P1090101 P1090103 P1090104 P1090109 P1090117There are historic buildings and place of worships from the 1882 water fountain in the middle of the town to period colonial mosque, church and Chinese temple. The historic water fountain has 2 lion heads where water runs into the smallest roundabout.P1090126 P1090127

Balik Pulau is well known for its Penang laksa – Asam Laksa and Siam Laksa at the Nan Guang kopitiam. A bowl cost Malaysian Ringgit $3.50 or AUD$1.20. This coffee shop is also popular with its Nutmeg juice with sour plum, which is an unusual acquired taste but refreshing for the hot and humid weather.P1090072P1090071P1090065 P1090068P1090074P1090123This side of the main street in Balik Pulau has predominantly Chinese shops.

The other two streets from the roundabout have mostly Malay and Hindu Muslim shops. That was where I came about a Malay coffee shop in front of the roundabout, simply called the "Restoran Roundabout", that sells nasi campur (rice with curries) and the traditional mee goreng and mee rebus. It was a first time I have tried the mee goreng in this shop. It was probably one of the best mee goreng I had so far in Penang. Perfect with a glass of hot "teh tarik". P1090139 P1090132Balik Pulau reminded me so much about my time living in the countryside of Tasmania. It feels layback and relax with a slower pace and lesser traffic. One day I hope to come back again to Balik Pulau and explore this part of the island a bit further.

In the next posts, I will write on the few restaurants that I have visited in my last Penang visit. Though I spent most of my meal eating the Penang famous street food.

Guan Eng claims RM75bil project in <b>Balik Pulau</b> does not exist ABN <b>...</b>

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 11:47 PM PST

GEORGE TOWN, Jan 14 (Bernama) — The proposed RM75-billion mixed development project in Balik Pulau reported by a newspaper simply does not exist, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today.

"There is no such project," he said when asked to comment on residents' concern over the reported proposed huge development in Balik Pulau.

A newspaper had reported, under the heading "Mega project on stilts", that a proposed 2,833-hectare mixed project comprising industrial, commercial and residential units was sending chills down the spines of conservationists.

It was also reported that the development, comprising electrical and electronic and oil and gas industries, tank farming, government administration
offices, schools, hotels, residential areas, parks and an artificial beach would all be on stilts.

"The project simply does not exist. I do not know why certain parties are trying to smear the state government's name," Lim said.

He said the developer should obtain approval from the federal government before the state government considered the project and it (the state government) also reserved the right to make a decision. — BERNAMA


Posted: 28 Dec 2012 10:09 PM PST

Bila dah ujung2 sem ni memang la masa tu la nak miss dengan lecture.. nak miss kat balik pulau.. padahal masa mula2 dulu punyelah tak nak pun gi balik pulau ni.. perjalanan jauh,, habis masa kat atas jalan je.. pergi tidur, balik tidur.. tapi dah hujung2 memori tu la yang kita ingat balik..
With Mr.Lim, lecture BEL.. kembali ke sekolah..

With En.Shfri..lecture account.. belajar sampai muntah..

Dengan housemate.. ada rezeki kita serumah lagi..
Dan sekarang, yang ada hanyalah fokus untuk final.. ye final.. tak mo main dah.. walaupun diri sendiri terumbang ambing lagi, tapi semangat tu ke kutip balik.. susun elok2.. Aishah, semoga kau tabah.. kawan2 semoga berjaya..

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