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09 di permatang pauh - Google Blog Search

09 di permatang pauh - Google Blog Search

Anwar &#39;running away&#39; from defeat in <b>Permatang Pauh</b>, says Dr M

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 06:53 PM PDT

(TMI) - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad chided today opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's plan to possibly contest away from his Permatang Pauh seat in Penang, saying his archrival is "running away" from possible defeat.

The former prime minister said the PKR de facto leader's decision to contest a different seat stemmed from his "doubts" that he could defend Permatang Pauh, a known Anwar stronghold since he first took up the seat in the 1982 national polls. 

"This is a free country, he is free to go and contest anywhere... If he wants to, run away from Permatang Pauh.

"Yes, he is running away. Maybe he's not confident of winning the seat," a news portal quoted Dr Mahathir as saying.

Two days ago, Anwar said he may not defend his Permatang Pauh federal seat and instead may stand in Perak or Selangor in the coming general elections.

"There is a likelihood, but it means… I haven't made a definite decision because there have been suggestions that I should go down to Perak or Selangor, and I'm weighing the possibility of going down to Perak," the PKR advisor said. 

Anwar did not say, however, who would replace him in Permatang Pauh, which has traditionally been his political stronghold.


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