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09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

Chillout, Soulout & Freakout: Bao Seng Durian Farm, <b>Balik Pulau</b>

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 09:00 AM PDT

First: Check -  if the thorns are very well arranged means their trees are very new...maybe just few months old. The more untidy the thorns are the older the trees are.

Second: Shake - shake the durian until you hear the sound made by the seed inside. This is to let the durian inside to immerse the smell.

Third: Smell - smell the durian from the top not the bottom. You do not smell a person from their bottom don't you? Haha...the stronger the smell the better it is.SAVOUR THE CHAMPION (Level 1)
RM35/pax - Excludes Red Prawn and Hor Lor
RM45/pax - Excludes Red Prawn
RM55/pax - All Kinds of Variety

• Durian trees 40 years or older
• Thick and wrinkled flesh
RM55/pax - Excludes Red Prawn and Hor Lor
RM65/pax - Excludes Red Prawn
RM75/pax - All Kinds of Variety

• Durian freshly dropped within two hours
• Sticky and numbing to tongue and lips
RM80/pax - Excludes Red Prawn & Hor Lor
RM100/pax - Excludes Red Prawn
RM120/pax - All Kinds of Variety
* Reservations must be made in advance

P.S: They do not serve any food here. However, if you want rice or bread to mix with the durian, they can provide. As for breakfast, they willing to help you to take away from a nearby hawker stall for you. The food charges will be billed into your room.

Total Damage: RM430.00
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Recommended?: Highly recommended!

150 Mukim 2, Sungai Pinang, 11010 Balik Pulau
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 012-411 0600 / 012-401 0800
Business Hours: Only available during the durian season, call to check the schedule. They are usually awake around 8.00am.

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