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09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

09 di balik pulau - Google Blog Search

Live of : Gaot Farm @ <b>Balik Pulau</b> - Venus Ng

Posted: 07 Aug 2013 03:59 AM PDT

Penang Goat Farm is a nice place to visit
the kids and adult can spend a good time there
do you see a big goat sitting there?
it really big size, it age 8 years old!
we are so lucky, see a new baby goat born
this baby only few months, so cute >w<
the goat have no teeth, no worry that it will bite you *HAHA*
this black and white goat is the only mix color goat
there also sell some goat products
the goat milk RM7 each, yogurt RM5 each
298 Mukim 1 Sungai Pinang, 11010 Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia 

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