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09 di Batu maung - Google Blog Search

09 di Batu maung - Google Blog Search

Public safety issue at RAMP 2 of the <b>Batu Maung</b> Interchange of the <b>...</b>

Posted: 29 Oct 2013 08:12 PM PDT

Kuala Lumpur, 30 October 2013 – I refer to the letter written to the Editor published in Malaysia Edition on 28 October 2013 regarding a complaint from a concerned public using the road underneath Ramp 2 at the Batu Maung Interchange of the Second Penang Bridge project.

The road is part of the diversion that has been utilized by the public after the collapsed of the segment between Pier 6 and Pier 7 of Ramp 2 in June 2013. The traffic diversion is to provide access to the public to travel to and from George Town via Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Expressway. Since the incident where the ramp collapsed, JKSB has instructed all parties involved in the project to take extra safety measures especially when conducting works involving life traffic underneath the construction structures. To add to JKSB's seriousness in addressing the public safety concern, JKSB has introduced a policy of zero-incident where public safety is concerned.

The supervision of work for this interchange is under the responsibility of Arup Jururunding Sdn Bhd ("the Arup"), one of the most prominent engineering consultants in the country. In relation to the incident reported in the article, a proper traffic management scheme was in-place and this was confirmed by the Arup supervision team. The activity was carried out on Saturday, 26 October 2013 at around 6pm where traffic volume was low. Flagmen were stationed on site to instruct vehicles to stop as required when the installation of the parapets was being carried out.

Welding works was then carried out to temporarily fix the position of the parapets at the mid-location of the 1.5 meters wide precast parapet. Harmless flashes from the welding sparks can be seen through the 10mm gap in between the precast parapets, as noticed by the complainant. This standard operating procedure was followed during the said incident. The concern public was on site and has in fact followed the instruction from the flagman to stop his vehicle.

JKSB attends to public complaints seriously and strives to ensure that there is no compromise on poor public safety.

By  YBhg. Dato' Ir. Dr Mohamed Ismail bin Taib,

Managing Director of JKSB

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